MPL have been a leader in the field of steel work fabrication, dish-end, pressure vessel, silo, elevated water storage tank and all types of sheet metal work since 1975 in the Kingdom.

    We operate our manufacturing factories under strict and best workmanship for all MPL's products. Our state of the art facilities allow us to comply to our customers' requirements & specifications as well.

    MPL's sales, productions and administration personels have a strong legacy in the industries. We care for the needs of our customers. At MPL, we strongly believe in long lasting relationships. Our goal is to consistently offer premium products and provide outstanding service to our clients.

    We fully realize that our customers have free choice from where they purchase their merchandise and we appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers the best they should deserve.

Interest parties could get more details about M.P.L.’s services thru  mail@mplthailand.com
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